Company NameBijeljina Put AD;
Address: Baje Pivljanina bb Street, 76300 Bijeljina;
Megister number: 125 93 93;
Scope of activity code: 4211;
ID number at UIO: 40038086000;
Register: In court at the Basic Court Bijeljina, under Ref.No.Fi 576/01.

As a result of category modification of the state-owned Public Service organization ‘4.Juli” Bijeljina, which was found in 1949, “Bijeljina put” A.D. Bijeljina has become its successor.Today, Bijeljina put” A.D. Bijeljina is a stock company with the private shareholders majority.Since the finalization of the privatization process in 2001,”Bijeljina put” is successfully performing construction, reconstruction, asphalt paving, as well as all-year works on maintenance and protection of the main, regional and local roads which are of special interest for Bosnia and Herzegovina...

Equipment and Machinery

Asphalt production equipment; 
Machinery for asphalt coating;
Equipment for production and processing of stone aggregates;
Concrete productio equipment;
Laboratory equipment ;
Machinery for earthworks and Motor pool;
Rollers for enbankments and tampons compression, and many other;

The company "Bijeljina Put AD" have all the equipment and machinery that is required for most high-quality construction in our type of business...