› Company "Bijeljina Put AD" owns all the equipment and machinery that is required for most high-quality construction in our type of business. In addition to the complete mechanization in our possession are plant for the production of asphalt, concrete plant base, separation plant and field laboratory. Transport of stone materials (gravel, crushed stone, etc) and asphalt mass is performed by trucks of total operating power of 4891 KW,as well as by attachments and special vehicles for different purposes, (fuel carrying vehicle ,for machines supply, filler and cement carrying vehicles, road works trucks Unimog, with attachments, etc). The rollers for compression of upper and lower layer of the road ,and asphalt lane,of different weights , with operating power of 877,50 KW are also included in our machinery pool.

Asphalt production plant

 › The purpose of the asphalt production plant is storage of all components of asphalt mixture (bitumen, filler,stone aggregate fractions),as well as production of asphalt mixtures of different compositions, for usage on building sites and for commercial services.A field laborartory is installed within this plant.

Concrete baseField laboratorySeparation plant

 › The purpose of the concrete base plant is deposition of aggregates and cement, making cement and concrete mixtures of different types.All relating tests are performed inthe field laboratory.Separation plant performs crushing and separation of stone aggregates for concrete and asphalt.

Own service

 › Skilled team of mechanics from own service installed within operating section of the company take care of servicing and maintenance of the operational readiness of construction machinery.

› Equipment and Machinery list

 Asphalt production equipment

   › Asphalt bases «Marini», capacity 135/tons per hour;

 Machinery for asphalt coating

   › Final works machines, manufacturer “Bitelli” and “Marini”, total operating power 254 KW;

   › Sprinklers, cutting machines,scrapers, compressors, total operating power 328 KW;

 Concrete productio equipment

   › Concrete base (30 m³ per hour);

 Equipment for production and processing of stone aggregates

   › Separation with crushing plant (35 m³ per hour);

 Equipment for winter maintenance road service

   › Single-sided front ploughs, and two-sided front snow ploughs;

   › Tractional and loading sprinklers;

 Laboratory equipment

   › Laboratory testing equipment (geomechanical tests of concrete and asphalt),installed within asphalt plant);

 Machinery for earthworks

   › Dredgers, total operating power 708 KW;

   › Bulldozers, total operating power 465 KW;

   › Loaders, total operating power 715 KW;

   › Graders ,total operating power 427 KW;

 Motor pool

   › Trucks of different loading capacity,range 10 to 25 tons;

   › Attachments of different loading capacity;

   › Special purpose vehicles;

 Rollers for enbankments and tampons compression

   › Rollers of different weights;

Other machinery

   › Vibrating plates,operating power 6,4 KW;

   › Supporting drilling machine,operating power 1 KW;

   › Horizontal signalization machines, operating power 61,5 KW.