› Construction, reconstruction and maintenance ( in summer and winter conditions) of public roads,road objects (bridges, tunnels), streets, public and industrial traffic surfaces.
› Construction, adaptation and maintenance of manufacturing and facilities, and access roads.

› Construction works in field of public service infrastructure, flood-control projects, civil engineering (stabilization and regulation of river beds and channels, land reclamation works and redistribution of land) lower layer of railroads, lower and upper layer of agricultural airports, sporting airports, sport terrains,etc).

› Production of asphalt and cement-concrete mixtures of different types.
Exploatation of stone aggregates and processing of the same (washing, separating and crushing), for different purposes (asphalt mixtures, concrete mixtures, embankments, tampon layers, roadway structures,etc.), both for own and market purposes.

› Laboratory control of materials and works performed, improvement of work technology of performer and reducing of total costs.