About us

› Company name: Bijeljina Put DOO

› Address: Ul. Baje Pivljanina bb, 76300 Bijeljina

› Megister number: 125 93 93

› Scope of activity code: 4211

› ID no. at UIO: 40038086000

› Register: In court at the Basic Court Bijeljina, under Ref.No.Fi 576/01.

› As a result of category modification of the state-owned Public Service organization "4.Juli" Bijeljina, which was found in 1949, "Bijeljina put A.D. Bijeljina" has become its successor. Today, "Bijeljina put A.D. Bijeljina" is a stock company with the private shareholders majority.Since the finalization of the privatization process in 2001, "Bijeljina put" is successfully performing construction, reconstruction, asphalt paving, as well as all-year works on maintenance and protection of the main, regional and local roads which are of special interest for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Both management and employees are aware that the key of successful finding way to the market and existence on it lies in integration of the quality and environment protection along with the entire system of the company.The company is also determined to invest in knowledge and modern technology, in order to improve efficiency,use of skills and production.

 Each investor is considered as a business partner, thus forming a partnership which means a joint interest for high quality of works, conformity with the terms agreed, rational approach in construction of each object.Being aware that our acting causes changes of space and environment, our business approach is always well thought out, with recognizing and considering all necessities of the citizens.

 A special care is taken to the work security, health protection of the employees, property protection, both of the company and of each other entity.

 Bijeljina Put AD is on 04/03/2011. became the majority owner of the quarry "Ruding AD" Ugljevik.

› The company has 250 full-time experienced employees of all relevant professions and fields of specialization.According to the macroorganization scheme, they are divided into four sectors, as follows:

Organisation chart

Company management

Srdjan Ćorić
Nemanja Tolj
Bachelor of Laws
Tehnical director
Jovan Tadić
Bachelor of Buildings
Head of commercial service
Bojan Ćorić
Bachelor Manager of Internacional Business
Head of financial-accounting service
Ljiljana Avlijaš
Head of transport and machinery
Nikola Mijajlović
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering